October 2009

American Keystone Insurance company was put into receivership a  few weeks back and all policies were to cancel on 11/8/2009. There are 5500 policies and Homeowner’s choice will roll them over. this will save them from having to go into citizens Insurance. Customer Service is nuch easier for the agents when this happens. This makes it better for the clients as well.Please read the full story below;


The amounts will vary and even though it was reccommended to raise the rates the full10% across the board, Citizens has decided to do it more gradually. For the  State of  Florida,Citizens Insurance and all Insurance companies, we need to pray that a Hurricane does not hit in the next few years as the time for recovery will be slow at  the approved 5.4%. Please read the full story on Home Insurance issues w/ Citizens here in Florida.


In a unanimus decision, 21st Century said no to Homeowner’s Choice Insurance on the tender offer to buy them out.! 21st century feels the offer of nearly 40  million was  way too low and should have been higher. Both companies do Home Insurance products, but 21st Centure has amuch bigger portfolio and more licenses in more states and places. Please read the full article below;


We at L & S specialize iin the Florida Home Insurance, Flood Insurance and Auto Insurance markets. WE are also full service for Life Insurance products as, but our specialty is in the Home Insurance markets. We are writing w/ Currently 17 carriers and we are 1 of the few agencies that have them all.  Federated,Cypress,Sawgrass,Argus and now Prepared Insurance give us at L & S the best options to help you and your clients. On top of all the other carriers we have this is the newest batch to re-open or open and appoint L & S with only a handfull of appointments  from each company. This ability together with getting you Mitigation discounts will help you save money even though prices are rising. When we give you a  complete quote, you know we have done our homework  well. Please cal or e-mail us if you want to Shop. State farm is still raising rates nearly 27%  and Universal has also raised rates significantly. You need the ability to shop rates  and together with our Great Cusstomer Service, we are the ones to call.


Lee S. Gorodetsky,LUTCF,CLF



As if the Insurance industry is not bad enough, now the agents are even doing small timer false claims! The Insurance Industry  now has to deal with  these small Fraudulent claims w/ Progressive Car Insurance just make Insurance agents everywhere look bad. Even issues in the Carolina’s make Floridians and Insurance agents everywhere look bad.Customer service is king and we are very  good at it. Please read about those who try to commit Fraud;


Citizens Insurance has given about 700 million in credits to it’s policy holder’s and now the Homework begins to validate the credits. If your home was not mitigated properly then watch out!!!  Please read the full article below and call your customer service dept to be sure your discounts are propor.


Many Clients had been told after trying to file a Chinese drywall  claim w/their  Citizens Home Insurance policy that it was not covered and now they would also be non renewed!! It seems as though our insurance commissioner has asked them to reconsider non renewing policies for this reason.This will  not help w/ the dealing of the Chinese drywall issues, but at  least they still have insurance. Customer service is king and when you cannot even offer a policy it is never pleasant dealing with clients in this scenario. Please read the full article below.


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