The next deadline for State Farm and the state of Florida is coming on the 15th of this month. State Farm has requested to drop 1.2 million Home Insurance policy holder’s and the State of Florida is trying to avoid the issue. State Farm had requested several rate increases over the last several years, but was denied by the State of Florida’s hard line policy on rate Increases. The dropping of the 1.2 million policies was based on this. Since the last deadline in July, State Farm has now dropped all discounts to it’s Home Insurance policy holder’s which equates to a 27% rate increase on average starting 12/1/2009. The bills that are now being processed for renewal do have the increases already. It is now assumed that an agreement could be reached in which State Farm would drop a %age of the book of busienss and those that are not dropped will receive rate Increases and have a choice to stay and pay a lot more  or shop. This on top of Flood Insurance rate increases now in effect,Citizens rate increases scheduled for Jan 1st and 9 additional companies all filing for increases from 7-19%,what will happen here in Florida if the big one does come?