State Farm has promised to pull out of Florida. Did they really want to do this or  was this just a ploy to get what they really want. Their goal was  to dramatically reduce the book of business they have and they want much higher prices as well. They also want to reduce mitigation discounts so they are not giving away the house. Why would State Farm, the current largest insurer in Florida want to do this. They want to be the Cadillac of Insurance Companies and at  the highest prices. The rule of thumb  for State Farm will be if you want to have the name State Farm protecting your home, you will have to pay for it. This does not seem like a  good neighbor policy, but a  company that wants to make money and thank the neighbor’s who pay the new higher premiums they are creating. It looks like the State will comply, not because they want to, but because there is no choice. The state of Florida cannot handle that many people loosing their Insurance policies so they will agree to disagree and come to a resolution soon. The goal is for year end and start the process 3-6 months after. It is still expected that several hundred thousannd will get dropped over the next few years and those that are still there will pay the piper.Please tell your customer’s to call us and shop the Insurance out carefully as there will be lot’s of options for better pricing and good quality coverage.


Lee S. Gorodetsky, LUTCF,CLF

President L & S Insurance