Most people want an AM best rated company with lot’s of financial backing. In Florida this is hard to find and even the one’s that are stronger, how strong are they really? Some agents will tell you to be carefull of using the newer companies, but In Florida there is no real differance from a  2 month old company to a 2 year company to a 12 year company. Of course the finacials can be differant and that will help any scenario, but if a Hurrican Andrew, Katrina, or Wilma were to hit us in a  highly populated area at cat 5 strength, I do not think it will really matter. Florida will be in financial termoil no matter how we look at it so what should be done when you look for a company to insure your home? First, be sure your home is covered properly for replacement cost and you should have replacement cost on your contents as well. 2nd, please be sure your home has a mitigation inspection to save as much money as possible. A 4 point inspection is necessary for older homes and roof certifications as well, but they must be signed by a  properly licensed contractor or it is not valid!  Third, look for an agency that has many companies to shop with and also has a customer service department that can handle all the billing issues that arize normally between  Home Insurance policies and mortgage companies.Forth and finally, be sure to review several companies that have the best prices for your particular situation and when prices are close, then choose the company with the best financials.

As an example, we at L & S Insurance now represent over 17 carriers that do all differant types of homes and cover or won’t cover all types of scenarios. In some cases, even we have to use Citizen’s Insurance. When we have several choices, we review them with our clients and discuss all the scenarios with them. We do now have an  AM best rated carrier in ASI for the larger homes over 750K in coverage and another company(Homeowner’s choice) that is a Nasdaq company which has very strong financials with zero debt. When quoting these companies, even if pricing is higher, it becomes a better choice as long as the price is not too high in comparrison. Please shop your Home Insurance with L & S here in Florida for all the best reasons to help yourself!

Lee S. Gorodetsky,LUTCF,CLF

President  1-888-244-7400 x-209