With another year of no Hurricanes why is home Insurance heading upward and why are companies still failing. Two companies have failed this year already and who knows what is to come. Companies that have been around longer and are starting to expand into other states are  good things to look for. Also, if the company has an AM best rating(only 1 does in Fla.), or if they are a  company on one of the Stock markets  so the financials are public all help in the decision process. Even with this,price has to matter because Home  Insurance is so expensive in Florida compared to other states. Citizens is still a bad choice when there is a choice for many reasons including surcharges and the selling of policies to other carriers. Mitigation inspections by licensed inspectors help save a  lot of money to policyholder’s and Flood Insurance will give you peace of mind for about $400 to most.So what does this really mean to you? Choose an agency that has so many companies to choose from so you can make a choice. Most agencies only have 1,2 or maybe 5  carriers. Our agency has about 17 so choices here are real choices. Please contact us for a quote, but in the meantime, please read this article below;