Another delay in the process of  The State Farm exit from Florida or not and what will happen to it’s Policy holder’s! It is tough being on hold with a machine at a mortgage company, but this delay has been a joke at best. This is the 3rd delay by the Judge as the nearest deadline  was due on 12/17 and no resolutions have been arrived at. It does seem that State Farm wants to now stay if they get the rate Increases they want. But that is the problem because the increases they want, Gov. Christ is so against. Insurance  Commissioner K. McCarty is in tight w/ the Gov. and it seems like that this will be a dificult issue to leap over hence the 3rd delay we now have. At least no one is playing Hard ball and they are trying to make a resolution that makes sense for both parties and the people of Florida who have State Farm and want to keep it. One thing does seem to be likely for State Farm is that they will be the highest priced company when this is complete and you will have to pay to have their  name. I do not think that is worth much in Florida, but that is one agents opinion. Please read the full article below;