Luis Lobo from Pembroke Pines was told his renewal would be 70% higher because they removed all of his discounts this year. He still has Mitigation discounts, but this kind of increase is dificult at best!!!  State Farm staying or leaving is a rough scenario no  matter what happens. If they stay prices will rise 40-60% on top of the removed discounts increase. If they leave, hundreds of thousands will  end up in Citizens Insurance which is not where they belong and this will hurt everyone.  I think we all hope they stay and can work out a deal as this Insurance market in Florida is dificult at best and no one wnats to see this scenario get worse than it already is. Price increases are already happening, no one likes it and it will continue to get worse. This is not something that will help the troubled economy of Florida  to start to recover. In fact it will make it much worse. Please read the full story here;,0,4134355.story