Deregulation of Insurance could be a  disaster and it could also fix our Insurance problem? If it works, which is unlikely,deregulation could bring back the larger carriers(Allstate, State Farm,Nationwide and many other’s) that have left Florida for more profitable ventures. The prices they charge would be higher in many areas, but competition would be the benefit and lot’s of options to choose from. Currently, most people do not even know how many companies there are and what kind of shopping they can do. The agents they  deal with tell them what Insurance companies they have available to them and not necesarily that are available  in the industry to avoid losing business, so they are not typically well informed. Citizens Insurance is so popular because most agents cannot get appointed with all the carriers that are currently writing business here in Florida.  The process in Florida is so bad that this problem is not likely to get fixed so deregulation in my opinion, is not a good idea. Please read the full story below and remember to call L & S Insurance so you can shop with all 17 of our companies!