Florida  laws are not so clear cut, but this is what you should be aware of. There are dozens of Home Insurance companies writing Home Insurance and Windstorm policies, the question is, how many does your agent have access to. Some agents only have Citizens(Like State Farm agents), and other’s have access to maybe 15-20 carriers. The more companies your agent has access to, the better the shopping will be for you. A licensed agent in Florida only has to give you what they have access to and then if they tell you that this is the best available they are not lying!!!  Even though they are likely aware that this is not the best, because they do not have other markets  so they do not have to tell you to shop elsewhere legally. I don’t know about you, but this does not seem to be helpful to the customers who are not aware of this. Home Insurance companies inFlorida do not want to appoint hundred’s and thousands of agents, they want a  handful that will give them enough business. This makes it hard for the agency that does not do a lot of Home Insurance business. If you think about it, this makes sense that you would want an agency and an agent that does a lot of Home Insurance and are very experienced. Those agents are also always able to help you with Flood Insurance, Car Insurance and Life Insurance products as well. Here at L & S Insurance, we have 17 compenies or more that we can quote your home Insurance with. These are all admitted carriers that are all backed by the State of  Florida and give us the most potential to help you save money. Obviously, wind Mitigation Inspections are a tremendous way to save money when they are done by a properly licensed inspector which we can help you find as well. Please call us to see if we can save you money on any home located anywhere in Florida.


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