50% of all Florida  Home Insurance companies incurred heavy losses in 2008 and in 2009 this trend continued. This is true even though there were no major Hurricanes since Hurricane Wilma in Oct. 2005. In 2009 2 companies were placed on watch and then put out of business. The reasons for this are many including impropor pricing, claims being re-opened by public adjustors and a  business environment not open to the big companies wanting to be here. This is well demonstrated by State Farm and all we went through in 2009 before a decision was finally reached to stay in Florida. What should you look for in an Insurance company when choices actually exist. Because of the age of homes, mitigation inspections being done or not and many other factors, you need an agent that can shop for you with many carriers. Ask your agent how many companies they can quote you with and how many more are available. Then make the best choice, by companies that are  growing, expanding and not only doing business all over Florida, but looking in other states as well.Please read the full story below;