Do you need a HO3,4,6,8 or a DP 1,2,or 3.  Your agent should know what to do, but you should as well. Here is your chance to get educated so you can learn to truly help yourself.There are lot’s of people who simply want to sell and have no care or concern for the client only making a sale. Do you want or need Flood Insurance, Jewlery rider’s called floater policies, or Umbrella policies. What is covered or what should be covered? Do all companies cover the same thing or are some companies like Citizens,Sate Farm and other’s giving less coverage for the same or more money most of the time. Lastly, why do some companies give bigger mitigation discounts than other’s which affects which company a  client should choose from when the agent sells many companies from the  1 agency. Please read the full story below;