The State farm options are not that great. You could be getting dropped starting August 1, 2010 which is in the middle of Hurricane season or you could expect another 15% rate increase. This increase is  a statewide average, so your rate could be 30% or higher in some cases. This on top of a  rate increase that started less than 6 months ago which was a  loss of discounts that averages 27% as a statewide average. The bottom line is that your rates w/ State Farm when all is said and done could increase 50-100% overall if you  are not dropped by them. This is not the best of options and being dropped in the middle of Hurricane season is not a  good scenario for anyone. Sticker shock is what is to be expected by most and anger as well. Another note is that State Farm has most clients at a 5% Hurricane deductable even when they have Mitigation Inspections to save money and this is not a  smart move in most cases. Shop and shop early to avoid doing this in the middle of Hurricane season and change when it is best for you. Your agents will tell you to wait, but that is not the best suggestion.They will want to put you into citizens Insurance and this is also not a good idea for most as you can do better. Please call our agency for help and please read the full article below;