In 2007 Florida promised lower Home Inurance rates and more money going into the well known Florida Cat Fund. This is to protect against major hurricanes and other large disasters. The State of Florida took on a 28 Billion dollar expense and it is now 15 Billion short?? The prices of Insurance came so low w/ Mitigation inspections that this shortfall is now huge! As if this was not bad enough Citizens Property Insurance and it’s trillions in risk cannot handle what it has in major claims so the next hurricane could put Florida in a real bad financial situation. Being in Citizens is not a good choice because of many factors including a surcharge that will really hurt when you have  a  bad storm that hurts all. This surcharge could be 45% of your current premium.The summary for Florida Home Insurance is as folows;Higher premiums for the next 5 years, more companies going out of business, Mitigation inspections giving smaller discounts,and Real Estate being hurt by the scenario. Please read the full article below;