No Hurricanes and Insurance compnies still struggle w/ reserve requirements among other things. Home Insurance rates are on the rise and the big boys like State Farm are going up even more then the Florida based companies.Mitigation discounts can be large, but Fraud is even larger and many may feel the crunch going into hurricane season as rates go up because new inspections show smaller discounts.Other companies have gone under like keyStone and  Coral Insurance last year. This year Magnolia is going down and Edison will soon be purchased by Florida Peninsula. On top of this larger companies besides State Farm will drop people like Nationwide and their 60K loosing coverage.Because of capacity issues, time will tell how many will be forced into Citizens Insurance even though they are tring to shrink in size. Time will tell what the deregulation bill will do when it comes up in session over the next few months. Please read the full article below;