Let’s clarify this Home insurance situation in Florida. Homewise preferred is 1  company in Florida under the Homewise name. The other Homewise company Homewise Property & Casualty is still fully viable as a company. That book of business (Home Wise preferred)will be  rolled over into Homewise Property & Casualty Insurance company.We all hope that this is all that will happen to the company as home Insurance issues in Florida are bad enough. Northern Capital is a differnat situation altogether. Northern Capital and all 3 of it’s differant carriers have all lost the A rating by Demotech. They are still going to process renewals at this time, but are not taking any new business. to my knowledge they have not taken new business since mid hurricane season 2009, but that may not be 100% true. We await more news on the subject matter and I am sure it will be a topic of discussion in Tallahassee when the Legislators ressume sessions next week.One thing is for sure, no one wants this business going into Citizens Insurance!!