You want an A + rated carrier by a strong rating agency like AM best. You want good pricing by one of the large carriers like State Farm. You want to know that the insurance company you are insured with will be there to protect you. You want all this with propor mitigation inspection discounts and the best service as a customer as well. Well my friends welcome to Florida and in South Florida I say welcome to the Gold Coast! Most of that cannot be found here, but we offer the best there is available.You may also be told that Citizens Insurance is the best place to be, but that is no better than any other company and usually cost a lot more as well. With the Legislative session just getting under way in Tallahassee, you might also see  deregulation pass which will help bring back the big companies like State Farm, but at what cost. Deregulation is good for the insurance copanies and not the consumer. We all hope it will be soon, but not in the  near future. Please read the full 7 page story below;