Condo Insurance policies are similar to Home Insurance policies and mitigation discounts are still pretty strong when you get them. The association will have an inspection done for the building and Master policy  and as a matter of customer service, they should give everyone a copy. This copy could save your Insurance premiums from $200-$800 depending on your  scenario. If your association has not done one, you  can pay $50 or $75 and have one done for your unit. This could cut premiums in half and turn an expensive policy down to a more reasonable rate.What is required in the policy is Liability of course and loss assessmants coverage. in order to get these coverages you must insure your contents and building as well. The contents is easy, this is your personal possessions, but the building you also need to cover from the walls  in. Your association only cover’s from the pipes out and even then, We ahve learned that some associations, to save money will negotiate differant deals whic can leave the unit owner in a bad situation. Please read the full article below and be sure to get your policy quoted before Hurricane season is under way 6/1;