The 2 page system we have now will  require a  new 4 page form and require  pictures to prove the discounts. The Inspectors, even though they are properly licensed,will still have to prove what they find. There has been so much Fraud that the Insurance companies now feel they are all giving the house away in premium. Citizens  Insurance has started this process by reinspecting 500 homes and finding 71% were wrong and now they can charge more for the coverages.Now they will start to reinspect 500K homes. We do not know yet if the Florida homeowner can afford this, but that is not the question being asked. This is all being done to protect The Insurance companies to get the correct premiums. All Florida Home Insurance companies will start to do this soon as the law just passed today  Tuesday 3/9/2010. Please read the full story below as Hurricane season is getting closer;