Here is the problem w/ this scenario? This would only apply to Insurance companies that are able to qualify as non regulated companies. This would not be most of them and the goal is to try and bring back the large companies like State Farm. These companies do not seem to want to be here and most do not believe this will really bring them back. That is why Govornor Christ veto’d the bill last year and has threatened to do so again this year. The fact is, the companies we need to help, are the ones, that have been here since Hurricane Andrew or even Hurricane Wilma and are trying to stay in business. These companies are so over regulated that they do not even control what business they are allowed to accept.Florida is not a Friendly state to Insurance companies and all Tall. wants to do is cut commissions to the agents that deal w/ the public. Hurricane season is close and if this is the best that they can do then we are all in trouble. Agents will  not be able to service the customer’s soon because of these cuts and where will we be then?Please read the full article below;