The bill passed the Insurance committee and with the bill that passed last week it  looks  like Insurance rates are on the rise big time in Florida for the next 3 years at a minimum. The statewide average is scheduled to be not much next year at 5% and then go to 10% and 15% respectively, but this is an avaerage. Those averages are usually double or more for South Florida and less  for areas like Ocala, Tallahassee  and Jacksonville.This means that mitigation inspections, and any discount you can get will be so valuable. Hurricane season is now 8 weeks away so the pressure is on in Tallahassee to get things done and they are moving quickly.This will help the Insurance markets  because of the higher premiums and this should also help w/ the issue of capacity, but who will be able to afford the Insurance they must carry for the mortgage company?There is hope that this will allow more companies like State Farm and other’s to re enter the market because of the higher premiums, but that is yet to be seen.Citizens will also be increasing their premiums as well. Please read the full article below;