Go figure 2  republican Governors of the same state Governing us for nearly 12 years so far and they still disagree on Property Insurance issues. That shows me how bad the situation really is and we should all be concearned about the future of Insurance here in Florida. In my opinion, the Property Insurance bill must get passed as the Insurance companies are financially strapped and cannot afford a major Hurricane. The real question is where is the money they have collected?? I have been learning myself that much of the surplus is being taken out and put into other companies like banks to make the investors feel more comftorable about their Investment dollars. That is all well and good, but not at the expense of the Florida consumer especially when the Investors in the company are quite often the CEO, CFO and other principles of each company. They know the risk and should not have started the company if they did not want the risk overall. Isn’t this the premise of  insurance anyway, risk & reward. Large amounts of risk, like the Florida home Insurance marketplace will eventually yield large returns when the companies truly turn profits. Taking money from a  public company that protects the people of Florida should not be touched until such time as they can do so and the controls should be there.Hurricane season is getting close, we need capacity to write more policies and the reserves and profits of companies can secure this, but it seems that this summer, Citizens Insurance may be all we have. This willbe true  until we get through the season and see what happens. Several companies like Federated nationa, St. Johns, Olympus have already closed for the season. Other’s like Magnolia, State farm and many other’s are non renewing all or a large portion of the population they control. Please rad about the differneces w/ our 2  Governor’s;