With hurricane season egtting close and more companies haveing financial issues, it is long overdue from our insurance commissioner. What he says is half truths and not the whole story. He is a friend of the Governor and will do what he can to protect him. The fact is that prices came down because of campaign promises from our now Governor and they did come down, but too much and too fast! They used every possible way to do this, including cutting commissions to agents, and huge mitigation credits to help consumer’s save money. Now they wont pony up to the fact, that this never should have happened and the prices were where they were suposed to be and this is where they are heading again over the next 3 years. All of the companies going under like Argus, Olympus, Edison, Northern, Magnaolia and other’s are all proof of this. If the prices had remained stable, most of these companies could still  be in business. Please read the full story below;