The  Florida DFS has been appointed as the receiver for Northern Capital and all policies must be moved out by 5/30. This agent and all of my staff are workking diligently to do this as fast as we  can, but we do have nearly 600 clients w/ Northern Capiatal. This company has 70,000 clints in Florida and 70% of them are in S. Florida, so the real question is how will all of them find coverage by 5/30? The 2nd problem has to do with price. Northern had some great rates, and this could be part of the problem. Now people we talk to are in  sticker shock w/ prices from the companies still writing business. No one can afford the increase and how will this affect our situation in Florida w/ the Real Estate market. Even w/ mitigation discounts for hurricane protection, the prices are much higher. Citizens may be where they have to get coverage, but at what cost? Hurricane season is here so be prepared. Please read the full article;