How do politicians change the story to suit their personal situations! I have come to realize that I do not trust any of them as they all have way to many personal agendas and friends to help. That has and will continue to be a trend because none really seem to care about the people who put them in office. It is time for all of them to be held accountable for their actions and tough actions  should be imposed on them. Our Insurance situation in Florida is very criticle and getting worse by the minute. The people are hurting and the agents and agencies are struggling to survive and no one really sems to care. Hurricane season is apon us and hundreds of thousands of  Floridians are now searching for insurance and that processs takes time, but we do not seem to have it.The best example is Northern Capital as they are being shut down by 5/30 and 74,000 people will need insurance in this short time, but who can handle the situation? As if this was not enough service issues taking care of customer’s is too expensive to deal with and simple things Like Flood insurance are not even available yet: Please read how our Insurance commissioner is under fire below;