This group of Individuals which consist of 21 people who are CEO’s of Florida based  Insurance companies are now lobbying for the Property Insurance reform bills  to be passed and signed in the next 2 weeks in Tallahassee. Not passing this bill will put Floridians in severe debt if a Hurricane hits Florida anytime soon. Since we  are only 5-6 weeks away from the Start Of  Hurricane season the sense of urgency is high. Also, with all the other issues out there like Magnolia, Northern Capital and other’s on the chopping block this bill is obviously urgent for sure. The real concearn I have is how will Floridians pay for this and how will this affect our Real Estate market recovery in Florida. Who can afford to live here and pay the premiums that will be by the end of 3 years from now if this bill passes and is signed by Gov. Christ. I understand both sides, but somehow something has to be done. Please read the full article below;