This bill will raise surplus requirements by Insurance companies, prevent public Adjustors from submitting  errant claims to insurance companies w/ tougher deadlines,reinsurance costs will be passed on to the consumer’s,and protect’s Insurance agents from Commission attatcks by  State regulator’s that have wiped us clean already for quite some time.Rate Increases are also stipulated in this bill, but the governor must first sign it. This is a necessary evil, but will help the Insurance dilemma in Florida  in the long run. These rate increases are just the decreases we have seen in Florida  for the last 3  years come back which means Governor Christs policy to lower Insurance rates on Homeowner’s was unfounded and unnecessary! What  the decreases did do was kill companies like Northern Capital, Magnolia and hurt State Farm when all they wanted was a price increase which is what eventually happened anyway! Please read the full story below;