Guess who will pay this bill? You guessed it, the Florida Homeowners in  Cat fund surcharges to all policy holder’s. The good news is that the worst case scenarios will be people insured w/ Citizen’s as they could get hit up to 45% of the current premiums they pay to cover this bill. People in other companies could get hit as well, but not as much and people in Citizens are hit first and hardest.Bonds will be used to try and raise the capital first, but if they don’t sell, the consumer’s will be here to foot the bill. Please get out of citizens Insurance as you can save money in most cases. We have lot’s of companies still writing Home Insurance and flood as well and our service department is the best. We also represent top rated comapnies like Federated National which is owned by 21st century an A+ carrier w/ AM best as well as several other’s.Please read the full story below;