Can you believe our Legislators in Washington  still have this bill mixed up in w/ the  bill on unemployment and what a mess that is. They are now trying to remove this program from the unemployment bill so it can be more easily dealt with, but until then we are once again w/ no Flood insurance effective 5/31. This means that real estate transactions cannot happen if flood is required unless Fannie and Freddy once again ok the application as temporary proof of coverage.How can this happen as we enter hurricaene season with predictions as bad as they are for the season. On top of this we have companies here in Florida like Northern Capital and Mgnoolia also being shut down and this means amny of them will now also need flood coverage they cannot have. This will not help our Real Estate market recovery at all and we know for sure that no coverage exists for the holiday weekend for new policy holders wanna be’s. Please read the full story below;