June 2010

You would think this is so Important that  the vote will pass today, but our legislators in Tallahassee and Washington seem to be more concearned w/ their vacations then helping people buy homes to help our economy??? Legislators are what they are and they do what is politically correct for themselves and their  contributors or “fat cats”. Meanwhile back on the farm, FEMA and the NFIP await the good news to turn on the switch and allow flood to continue. How is this for customer service?? All of this is true and Hurricane Alex approaches the Texas and Mexico border tonight>Please read the full article below;



Hurricane sesson is here and storms could now cause Real Estate  values in the Pan Handle of Florida  if the oil is oushed ashore from the BP spill. Then would the 20 billion they are putting in escrow be enough???   Please read the full article below;


Please why Florida is one of the worst states to get Home insurance, but we are not alone. We are in Hurricane season now and Alex has already formed and at least not heading our way. according to projections only 23 more named storms to go. Customer service will be dificult during season and perhaps we will get lucky this week and get our Flood problem w/ FEMA fixed this week by our legislators??


FEMA awaits for the Senate legislators to do the right thing and allow people to puchase Flood Insurance through FEMA and the flood carriers. here we are in Hurricane season and still no help from our government. Home insurance is tough enough in Florida, but not being able to purchase a home effects evryone in Florida and  the Entire USA. Please read the full story below:


Could the market he helped create now be on the verge of collapse because he vetoed the property  Bill in Tallahassee? You would think that with no hurricanes for nearly 5 years and the Veto on the 1st day of Hurricane season the companies would not be loosing so much money, but yet here we are!  It looks like the Governor is trying to just Make it to the November elections and hope nothing goes wrong that could hurt his campaign to become a  Senator as an independent. This is more apparant with price increases for all companies at a  huge rate  and 45,000 policies coming into Citizens Insurance every month which is a huge increase. Most agents have no where to put the clients, but thank god my agency still has several options, but still higher priced. Please read the full article  below;


The House passed the Flood bill (FEMA)before the Memorial weekend, but the Senate did not approve because of unrealted items that do not meet their  political agenda’s!  What a crock of  BS by politicians that have no clue how they hurt the consumer. Here we are 2  weeks in the hurricane season expected to be wild and Flood insurance cannot be bound or renewed!!!???!!! The NAMIC(national association of Mutual Insurance companies are working hard to make this happen, but we still wait. People are trying to buy homes, Mortgage broker’s are trying to get loans approved, Title companies are trying to close homes and Insurance agents are trying to issue policies, but we are all failing because of the legislature at it’s worst. Please read the full article below;


We need help and State Farm has stopped writing flood (With FEMA)as well so all those policies being non renewed cannot even be rewritten. Just think that 15% of all flood policies in the USA are written by State Farm. Now do you call them a good neighbor??  This was obviously not timed well and I am sure all will work out, but what bad timing.Being Hurricane season and the first storm already brewing best of luck to all. Please read the letter written from our association to the Congress for help!


They are now healthy and viable, but what a ride. With surplus at 21 million, a new re-insurance agrement and possible 2010 losses hopefully covvered, they more than meet the State minimums and then some for financial security. The OIR, via instruction from Kevin mcCarty the Insurance commissioner and Governor Christ,have done some due diligence and it seems to be making the market more solvent in general, but this comes with higher Premiums and then some.Home Insurance premiums are uo 30% or more depending on your particular situation. Going into the wildest expected Hurricane season, we will need to say some prayer’s overall. They have predicted 23 named storms and 7 majors w/ a 45% chance of hiting the Eastern seaboard. As if this is not enough, FEMA still awaits approval from Washington on the Flood program next week. Please read the full article below about Olympus and their financials;


The Whitest beaches no more as oil and tar balls start to come ashore since last Friday when President barack Obama came to visit. So far I hear a lot of politicians compalin that they want him here more like Governor Bush handled all of the hurricanes, but there is no comparrison here. Governor Bush was the Governor of Florida and president Obama runs the country and not Florida. What Florida legislator would expect a president to be able to have time to get their hands dirty when tis is the reponsibility of our government to do all we can for ourselves.Apparantly some republican Senators want to blame this presdent for what happened, but this is the responsibility of the last government who were aware of the hundreds of citations when no action was taken. Since the office of Insurance regulation can shut down an Insurance company and liquidate them, perhps this is what Tallahassee should be requesting from BP and all the overpriced execs. Please get ready for hurricane season as we expect a wild one and even though we only average 2 in the month of june, this season we need some peace and rest.


First they(State Farm) announced that 125,000 people will be dropped for coverage on Home Insurance and this starts 8/1/10 in the peak of hurricane season. The agents will push most into Citizens and should not be there.Now they will not renew the flood book so the clients now need to find a new flood carrier as well. Please read how this is happening and what  you should know.Welcome to Hurricane season!


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