The Whitest beaches no more as oil and tar balls start to come ashore since last Friday when President barack Obama came to visit. So far I hear a lot of politicians compalin that they want him here more like Governor Bush handled all of the hurricanes, but there is no comparrison here. Governor Bush was the Governor of Florida and president Obama runs the country and not Florida. What Florida legislator would expect a president to be able to have time to get their hands dirty when tis is the reponsibility of our government to do all we can for ourselves.Apparantly some republican Senators want to blame this presdent for what happened, but this is the responsibility of the last government who were aware of the hundreds of citations when no action was taken. Since the office of Insurance regulation can shut down an Insurance company and liquidate them, perhps this is what Tallahassee should be requesting from BP and all the overpriced execs. Please get ready for hurricane season as we expect a wild one and even though we only average 2 in the month of june, this season we need some peace and rest.