They are now healthy and viable, but what a ride. With surplus at 21 million, a new re-insurance agrement and possible 2010 losses hopefully covvered, they more than meet the State minimums and then some for financial security. The OIR, via instruction from Kevin mcCarty the Insurance commissioner and Governor Christ,have done some due diligence and it seems to be making the market more solvent in general, but this comes with higher Premiums and then some.Home Insurance premiums are uo 30% or more depending on your particular situation. Going into the wildest expected Hurricane season, we will need to say some prayer’s overall. They have predicted 23 named storms and 7 majors w/ a 45% chance of hiting the Eastern seaboard. As if this is not enough, FEMA still awaits approval from Washington on the Flood program next week. Please read the full article below about Olympus and their financials;