Thank  heaven that we are smarter and send our mail to them in an overnight package. Not true for most agencies and the lost  feeling. This occured from June 24th -June 29th  and what a mess, but they originally thought it was worse.This was most likely done by a fraudulent company set up to get info from your checks and payment info to identity steal from Florida citizens. I am sending this out as a  customer service issue to chek that your payment was properly cashed and  applied to your Insurance policy. Please call your agent or call Citizens today at 1-888-685-1555.We are in Hurricane season so do not wait and while you are at it check your flood policy to be sure it has been issed and reinstated. Now that The Federal flood program and FEMA are back up and running, everything should get back to normal quickly, but only until 9/30. Please read the full article below on Citizens and the Fraudulent mail issue;