54.8% is what is needed for single family homes, but current State law only allows only 10.2%/ year. I guesss we will be seeing the max increses for many years to come From Citizens  unless the Florida Legislature, the Governor and The Board of Directors of Citizens end up deciding to change the law to allow for bigger rates and sooner. It is Not Likely Governor Christ will go along with this as he will not approve any rates, even though without it, Citizens will have no money to pay claims.The next Governor, no matter who it is should approve this so watch  out for 2012 rates.This rate Increase will take effect  January 1st,2011. Joseph Petrelli, the President of Demotech rating agency that rates the Florida companies for Home Insurance, says that most carriers still need some significant rate hikes as  well. Mitigation Inspections being done still help a lot and having lot’s of carriers  to choose from helps in the process as well, but please read the full article below.