Rick Scott GOP candidate for Governor is now saying what needs to be done and no one else seems to want to hear. This is that rate increases for Citizens is not only needed but very Criticle!!!! Alex Sink(CFO) is now saying that the 10%  statewide increase is enough and all the consumer can handle, but who is correct! If rates are raised to propor levels then the 15% surcharges that Citizens can and will do to the consumer is a joke so it is best to make the company solvent so the surcharges will not be necessary! No one likes to hear that rate increases are needed, but since we all make up Citizens Insurance beacuse we all support it(Like it or not). I know we all truly want a financially stable company, and this is not what we have here in  Florida. Just one storm hitting florida during hurricane season is all it will take to put Florida into bankruptcy so this needs to be addressed. This is not what the people who are in Citizens want to hear and many of them have no choice, but this is the best scenario. Governor christ and our legislators intall do not seem to think this is a problem, but wait till a Hurricane hits and see what happens if we do nothing!!Please read the full article below for your own opinion;