October 2010

Hurricanes, Tropical storms, Depressions and who knows what?

Please check for yourself!


This company loans large sums of  money to Insurance agencies(many in Florida) to help them survive financially. The services are necessary in these times and the costs to run the program are also very high and selective. A factoring program has been developed just for this.Having a  company like this is like having a line of Credit, but at Credit card rates. It is no wonder this private group(Angelo, Gordon) wants them. The Insurance agencies can then write more Home Insurance Auto  Insurance, Wind and flood and pay  employee salaries  that provide good customer service. Please read a story about a company that is doing some good, but  charging a fortune as well and there have been a lot of taker’s.



Since his remaining time in office is unlikely to continue it is a wonder why they did this, but for now this is who we have to deal with in Tallahassee. If the next 4 years are like the past 4 years we are all in a lot of trouble. The Home Insurance mess is on his lap w/ Governor Christ as well and a new Governor will have to clean it up while these guys take a new office. Go figure how this can be; Please call our office or go to the main page of the blog to get quotes on line. Please read the full article below;


It looks like Citizens was giving big contracts to friends instead of putting them out to bid. This would be in the best interest of all, but Citizens was trying to help thoose that help them, no matter what the cost to all of us here in Florida. Please read the article on Citizens  Home Insurance and the bidding process. Please request a quote on our  Blog page for any type of Insurance;


44,000 more policies this past qtr. and it will total 125K in S. Florida before this cancellation process is complete and the company decides if  it should drop more. Citizens Insurance is being recomended by the State Farm agents, but this is quite commonly not the corrrect option for many of these people. What this really means is that our Governor, Insuarnce commissioner and Legislators in Tall. are all part of this problem. They make deals that are not in the best interest of the people of Florida, but the carriers and their concearns.  Our entire Insurance system needs an overhaul and soon, but till then, we at L & S  have 15 carriers writing Home Insurance in S. Florida and we have about 9 of them currently writing so we can help many people. Please read the article on a couple who have lost their Insurance, but call us or go to the Blog page to get some quotes;


We already have a State backed Insurance Company(Citizens) that has competitive pricing and the State of Florida thru the Florida Cat Fund also protects all Floridians if a company goes under and now a  fund for sinkholes as well. I am not sure if this is the right thing to do, but can the State even afford what they do now and the answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our Legislators in Tall seem to want to control everything, but that means that all Floridians are the finacial backers and not the State so what could happen if it all goes belly up as some point?? The Insurance carriers like American Strategic are in favor of it, because it removes the risk from them to all of us. If I were them I would want this as well, but can the State of florida afford it?Please remember to contact our office for Home Insurance or any type of insurance that can be done on the Blog page or a phone call. Please read the full article below as well;


Here we go again as this Banker’s Insurance subsidiary raises it’s rates like all the carriers have or will soon. This could mean up to 50% increases for people here in S. Florida. That means that your agent needs to have many companies for you to shop with and having a new current mitigation inspection is crucial for getting the best possible rates. Even in Hurricane season there are more carriers that have just opened there doors for business Like Olympus, Universal, St. John’s and others. Good quality carriers like Federated National and Ark Royal have been writing all season w/ limited agencies. Please give us a call here at L & S or go to the  request a quote section and send us your info so we can try to help. Please enjoy the entire article by Julie Patel of the Sun sentinal;


Please read the article on the 7.8% increase from our Legislators in Tall.Please call us on your Florida based Home or auto insurance quotes on our blog page and enjoy the article  below;


Please read the entire article about some families will finally get some restitution for all these issues they have had to deal with. In Florida, this has been such a problem and they cannot live in the home or purchase Home Insuance as no company even Citizens would take them until the problem was totally repaired. The cost of this was so high, that almost no one could afford it, but now at least 300 families will have some hope and this will give hope to other’s and set a precedent. Please read the entire article below;


If you are in this catagory then you should partake in the rewards if any are to go around! Banks are doing everything to forclose including using bad and faulty and Fraudulent  paperwork, but they should be trying to keep you in your home if possible. This is why they were all given TARP money from our Government. That money was the taxpayer’s dollars and should be working for us and not against us. Please read the full article about Lawyer’s trying to help people against the Legislators in Tall. and Washington and get some money back into the hands of the people and away from the banks!


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