Julie Patel writes a great article on the subject and How Citizens Insurance will now be sharing all of it’s info with all Florida based Insurance companies. This could prevent any insurance company from wanting to insure you and provide  less options. Some of this info should be disclosed by the insured’s to the new agent and company, but that is not the case and the Insurance carriers are now trying to help each other and not the consumer w/ better prices. This info from Nexis Lexus is like the clue systems used for Car Insurance and life Insurance carriers use the MIB files so this is not a new subject, but it is new for Home Insurance and will definitely make a bad situation worse. Please call our office for Insurance quotes by looking at the blog page and clicking on the get a quote tab. While we are in Hurricane season, which has been very quiet for florida so far, this is more bad news that our legislators in Tall. and the  OIR have in store for us. Please read the entire article by Julie patel;