If any Insurance carrier handles claims poorly they can be sued, so why not Citizens Insurance. Are they to be immune when they handle claims poorly? Citizens was once called the Insurance carrier of last resort and then if the shoe fits????  But Citizens made  a decision several years ago to be a competitive carrier. This was all part of  a messed up plan by Governor(ponzie) Christ and Insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty to keep the Insurance carriers charging lower rates. Now here we are 42 months later and Citizens is near Bankruptcy, but have no fear, it is funded by all of us. 6 Home Insurance carriers have gone under at least and maybe more.All of the Insurance companies including Citizens need to raise rates significantly because the reserves are so depleted. So with all of this good news(Joke), why should they be ammune like any other carrier??? Unless they want to be the highest price on the block and the last resort company, then welcome to being in Business. Please call our office for a  quote or go to the get a quote section of the Blog and please read the entire article about Citizens being sued;