We already have a State backed Insurance Company(Citizens) that has competitive pricing and the State of Florida thru the Florida Cat Fund also protects all Floridians if a company goes under and now a  fund for sinkholes as well. I am not sure if this is the right thing to do, but can the State even afford what they do now and the answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our Legislators in Tall seem to want to control everything, but that means that all Floridians are the finacial backers and not the State so what could happen if it all goes belly up as some point?? The Insurance carriers like American Strategic are in favor of it, because it removes the risk from them to all of us. If I were them I would want this as well, but can the State of florida afford it?Please remember to contact our office for Home Insurance or any type of insurance that can be done on the Blog page or a phone call. Please read the full article below as well;