44,000 more policies this past qtr. and it will total 125K in S. Florida before this cancellation process is complete and the company decides if  it should drop more. Citizens Insurance is being recomended by the State Farm agents, but this is quite commonly not the corrrect option for many of these people. What this really means is that our Governor, Insuarnce commissioner and Legislators in Tall. are all part of this problem. They make deals that are not in the best interest of the people of Florida, but the carriers and their concearns.  Our entire Insurance system needs an overhaul and soon, but till then, we at L & S  have 15 carriers writing Home Insurance in S. Florida and we have about 9 of them currently writing so we can help many people. Please read the article on a couple who have lost their Insurance, but call us or go to the Blog page to get some quotes;