October 2010


All bad news, but it could always be worse and with a new Governor and Insurance commissioner for sure. Rates will continue to rise as this one is also about 10% on a statewide average which is the most they can take by contract. This contractual increase could change next year w/ new people in Tallahassee and our Legislative body, but either way, rates are on the rise for the next 5 years or so. Please read the full article on the Citzens rate hike:



If any Insurance carrier handles claims poorly they can be sued, so why not Citizens Insurance. Are they to be immune when they handle claims poorly? Citizens was once called the Insurance carrier of last resort and then if the shoe fits????  But Citizens made  a decision several years ago to be a competitive carrier. This was all part of  a messed up plan by Governor(ponzie) Christ and Insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty to keep the Insurance carriers charging lower rates. Now here we are 42 months later and Citizens is near Bankruptcy, but have no fear, it is funded by all of us. 6 Home Insurance carriers have gone under at least and maybe more.All of the Insurance companies including Citizens need to raise rates significantly because the reserves are so depleted. So with all of this good news(Joke), why should they be ammune like any other carrier??? Unless they want to be the highest price on the block and the last resort company, then welcome to being in Business. Please call our office for a  quote or go to the get a quote section of the Blog and please read the entire article about Citizens being sued;


Julie Patel writes a great article on the subject and How Citizens Insurance will now be sharing all of it’s info with all Florida based Insurance companies. This could prevent any insurance company from wanting to insure you and provide  less options. Some of this info should be disclosed by the insured’s to the new agent and company, but that is not the case and the Insurance carriers are now trying to help each other and not the consumer w/ better prices. This info from Nexis Lexus is like the clue systems used for Car Insurance and life Insurance carriers use the MIB files so this is not a new subject, but it is new for Home Insurance and will definitely make a bad situation worse. Please call our office for Insurance quotes by looking at the blog page and clicking on the get a quote tab. While we are in Hurricane season, which has been very quiet for florida so far, this is more bad news that our legislators in Tall. and the  OIR have in store for us. Please read the entire article by Julie patel;


Why is this taking so long you ask, but please read the article on how the FEMA program through NFIP is 18 billion in debt  and our legislators are trying to figure out how to fix the problem. The easy assumption is to raise flood rates again and that is likely, but there also needs to be a future plan on  the entire issue and this will  hold things up. Congress did pass this quickly, but I do not know why the President took so long to sign off on an extension that is so desperate to the housing recovery of this country. Please go  to our blog page to get a quote on Flood, Home Insurance or auto as well.


Julie Patel writes well on this issue w/ Insurance companies raising rates while the overhead is also rising.Where is the overhead expense coming from? I believe the cost of doing business and this whole mitigation inspection issue is to blame.Even if you have discounted rates, re-inspecting every home is expensive and some rates go up, but other’s come down as well and/or they loose the renewal because of the rates.I wonder If Governor Christ, the Lawmakers in Tall. and the insurance commissioner expected 3  years ago when our Governor promised to lower Insurance rates to Floridians.It does seem according to Julie’s article, that Sunshine State may have some financial issues and wants to drop a  lot of policyholder’s as well.Please read julie’s article on the subject and please contact our office for the best home Insurance quotes available and auto as well.


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