This article about Home Insurance is a  very valid point for consumer’s. Cost of rebuilding is not the same as  resale or new construction prices, but sometimes coverage’s can be lowered. As an agency L & S Insurance has done this customer Service  for it’s clients upon reviewing their coverage’s for renewal or if they have been non renewed as well. Companies  like Home Wise, Olympus, Federated National, HCI, Southern Oak  and many other’s are non renewing policies and raising prices as well.Don’t forget StateFarm cancelling 125K  homes as well as all the other major carriers including Allstate. When we shop for our clients, we first shop for  apples to apples comparisson’s. Once we determine the best company  for a client by price and coverage’s we also do a RCE(Replacement Cost Estimator) to determine the correct amount of coverage. This is not an appraisal, but it is fairly accurate and can be used to determine the correct cost to rebuild. it does seem here in S. Florida that  using about $125/sq foot under air is a good approximate, but each home by age and location is very differant. If your agency is not doing this for you then give us a call to do a complete shop rate request for you. With our 15 carriers of which 9 are currently writing new business here in S. Florida, we have the ability to shop well for any client. Please read the full  article by Julie Patel and what does happen quite commonly;,0,5232703.story