A lot of people have Wind only policies W/ Citizens  and have the Home Insurance with another carrier. Sometimes this is the best scenario and sometimes the best scenario is to combine the policies w/ Citizens for  the best priced policy. At L & S Insurance, we already went through  this process 12-24 months ago so our clients have already been handled, but if any of our clients get dropped, we will have to rewrite them and now it will most likely  cost  a lot more and there will not be much we can do for them. How can the State of Florida do this to the people they are trying to help! This is more proof that our Insurance system is backwards  and in need of great repair!! Our Legislators in Tall. as well as our New Governor Rick  Scott  will need to jump in and get their hands dirty w/ Insurance very quickly! Soon Insurance will be deregulated and then  watch prices increase!!!  Please contact this office by phone or on the blog page for quotes and enjoy the article from the SunShine news agency!