Everyone is trying to make money where they can, but taking a commission from the Master Condo Insurance policy when you control where that business is placed (your inhouse Insurance agency) sounds like collusion to me?? This could also be rebating, twisting or even Churning depending on how it is viewed. The office of Insurance regulation in Tall. as well as our Legislators  will be reviewing this info as it makes a lot of money for a lot of  large management companies and the people who live in the association  bear that expense so the Managemnet company  can make  larger  commissions from the sale of hundreds of policies statewide. With  rates as bad as they are and getting worse every day, this type of activity needs to stop and perhaps some legal action is necesary to prevent more issues from occuring. Please read the full article from Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal and please look to my Blog page for any type of insurance quote. www. homeinsuranceguru.com