Citizens Insurance is trying to  make it’s claim paying ability better, but some customer’s are not being helped and it is not Citizens fault! There is always a fine line as to what is and should be covered and what is required maintenance of a home. Public Adjustors charge large fees to collect money for you. This hurt’s in 2  ways. First, the increased cost to an Insurance company will absolutely cause increased rates for all in the zipcode and beyond so they can be profitable. 2nd, as in the example in tha attatched article, a  client received 150K for a claim, but after the PA took almost 30K in fees, the house is still not repaired because the insured does not have the money. Now the home is in disrepair and is not Insurable and the public adjustor has his money and is no longer involved. There is no easy answer, but talk to your agent for good advice or call my office for help. You can contact us on this blog pageor call us directly for any help you need on Florida Property and Home Insurance issues.This issue w/ Public adjustors will be an issue to be dealt with in Tall. during the Spring sesion when our Legislators go back to work and talk about all types of changes including  Deregulation which  our new Governor rick Scott will definitely sign. Please read the full article below from Julie Patel;