State Farm execs are no dummies. When they negotiated w/ the State of Florida several years ago and said they were leaving, did they really mean it. They are dropping 125K people in Florida and the premiums they are now  charging are higher than the total before they started cancelling. As if this was not enough, they also invested in a  Re-Insurance company called DaVinci RE in the Bahamas, of course, and they invested 350 million dollars w/ other investors. They now charge very high premiums to other  Florida based Insurance carriers to protect them from Hurricane losses that have not occured to date since Hurricane Wilma. The price they charge dramatically affects what the consumer’s are being charged as premiums which are up 30-60% on average. How can the Legislators in Tall. let this happen and say how disappointed they are w/ State Farm while letting them rape the system. Our new Governor and people in Tallahassee should do something about this to protect Floridians form loosing homes because of Insurnce rates. I guess our New Governor Rick Scott is looking to protect the big Insurer’s and not the ones struggling to survive here in Florida. Please read the article by Paige St. John of the Bradenton herald in Central Florida;