What does this mean for all of us??   Governor Christ vetoed the Deregulation Bill,but  New Governor Rick Scott supports it and it will likely pass soon and be signed into law. This means that the 10% cap on premium incresas for Citizens Insurance will be up for discussion in Tall. w/ our new legislators and it will most likely be removed. When this occurs, Citizens could take an increase equal to the 50% they were told they needed earlier this year to get financially healthy. This also means that other carriers will be able to raise rates without any regulation and they are likely to raise rates to match Citizens so more money can be brought in. This does help the Insuarnce carriers get financially healthy, which is needed, but at what end?? This is supposed to bring back the large carriers like State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide and many other’s. Even if they do come back to Florida, what price will they charge for Floridians to get coverage with carriers like them?? What will happen to the renewals of policies when the rates go up that high?? What will this do to the efforts to help the Real Estate Industry start the recovery it so desperately needs and we need here in Florida?? My guess is as good as yours, but I see no real help for several years and lot’s of people not being able to insure the home s they live in?? Please read the entire article by Julie patel of the Sun Sentinal;