You would think that will all of the natural disasters throughout the world, they would have lost their shirts and then some. Earthquakes, oil spills, all over the world and the reinsurers are making BILLIONS!!!!!!!! Now we have to ask, if they are making so much w/ all of these claims, why are they charging so much? If reinsurer’s charge less for coverage, the consumer   can pay less!!!  Why is our government allowing this to happen to an econonmy that sucks at best? Please call your Legislator’s in Tallahassee, in Washington and call the President. This  is not just a  Florida issue for Home Insurance and commercial policies, but nationally as well. Our Government needs to look into this and stop taking the money from the Insurance lobbyists  so this can’t keep happening. Please call my agency for Home Insurance quotes or any type of Insurance and we will get you what you need at the best prices available. Please read the attatched article and start asking more questions!  Merry x-mas to all;