A win for the public adjustors and they say for the public, but what happens when public adjustors get more money for their clients??? Prices of  Home Insurance continue to rise because of additional claim work. We cannot have it both ways and some times  public adjustors are a  necessary function, but I think the solicitation issue will hurt the State of Florida and the Insurance issue we already have in Tallahassee.  Legislators in Tall and the Insurance comapnies are all agaist this scenario, but the courts have ruled and here we are?? Hurricane season is only 6  months away and I am sure they are all druelling for more claims. Please call the claim into the carrier(Like Citizens) 1st and have a General Contractor do the estimates first and have them with you when the adjustor shows up. If the claim is not settled properly then, that is a good time to call for help w/ the public adjustors. Giving them 10-15% of the entire claim makes no sense and never will in any scenario. Please call L & S Insurance for more info or quotes on Insurance. Please read the full story by Julie Patel below.