Sinkhole claims have tripled since 2006 till year end 2010 and at a cost to the insurance carriers  of 1.4 BILLION dolars here in Florida. This cost is astronomicle and on the rise. many of these claims are frivolous and need not be filed, but once a claim is filed for sinkHole the Insurance carriers must do testing that can cost nearly 20K. This is necessary when a sinkhole does exist, but Puiblic adjustors are calling every crack in a slab a sinkhole when it is merely in most cases settling of the ground and just needs some maintenance from the Homeowner? Since the claims are now coming from S. Florida and citizens is spending 4 times what they take in the problem has hit the news big time. I am not in favor of paying more for Insurance, but Insuirance carriers should not have to be paying al this money and they should be protected. This sesion in Tallahassee you will see new verbiage on Sinkhole definitions and this ill help protect the carriers from paying claims that are Frivoulous in nature and cost Floridians millions in premiums. Please call L & S for your Insurance quotes or go to the Blog page and do the quote there.,0,2038636.story