Currently Citizens can only raise rates 10% per year, but that is now likely to change w/ Governor Rick Scott and the new Florida legislative body in Tall. This deficit is too great and needs to be  repaired as well.  Citizens needs to become the Insurer of last resort so  his plan for deregulation will work. I said in a prior blog that 1/11 the meetings will start and start they did. It did not take too long to get this started and it does not look well for those who only write Citizens Insurance like some small independent agencies and State Farm agents who cannot sell any other product by Company policy. Now when the agent says this is the best place for you and the prices jump 55% from where they are let’s see what happens! Please call  L & S Insurance or get a quote on this Blog page. We represent 16 independent carriers and can truly get the best price and product available in the Florida marketplace for Home Insurance as well as Flood, and Auto as well. Please read the full article on Citizens.,0,2325955.story